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  1. How does it work?
    Monthly competition events and other social events are regularly held. These are open to visitors See our calendar for upcoming events..
  2. Interested to join the club?
    New members are welcome to join our club. New members are invited to visit the club first and join us on any of the events scheduled on the calendar. Club membership is open to all members of society who subject themselves to the constitution and club rules. Members range from beginners to advanced and master photographers who are always ready to help with advice or with sorting out a problem. more...
  3. Club information and Downloads
    The club constitution and rules can be downloaded from here.
  4. Member information and photos
    Members can see their own club statistics and competition result on our online database. New members must login to view this page. open...
  5. Photo Gallery
    Our photo gallery goes back a number of years. We are proud of these photos and would like you to visit the gallery and browse through our member photos. open...
Affiliation to PSSA
CCC is affiliated to the PSSA. The Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) is the officially recognised body representing photographers in Southern Africa.

Upcoming competition themes
Month August
Theme Diagonal


"Diagonal" Diagonale beteken: Skuins, skeef, skuins of dwars. As lyne reg gebruik word dra dit by tot die impak van die foto. Lyne affekteer komposisie in twee aspekte: Eerstens skep dit gevoel (mood). Tweedens word die oog deur die foto gelei na die onderwerp. Diagonale lyne is 'n kragtige tegniek in die foto wat bydra by tot 'n gevoel van aksie. Sulke lyne behou die aandag van die toeskouer. Die toeskouer se oë het die neiging om heen en weer die diagonale lyne te volg. Diagonale lyne kan net aangetref word waar strate, sypaadjies, treinspore, ens deel vorm van die onderwerp in die foto. Kleur of mono word toegelaat.

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